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1. The price of the Chef'sChoice® Model 110 is high, why should I pay $80.00 for this sharpener?
Chef'sChoice sharpeners are precision machines designed to deliver unsurpassed sharpening satisfaction and manufactured to last a long, long time. They will do a much better job of sharpening than a steel (cost $30-$40), stones (cost $30-$70) or professional sharpening services. (The average home has about 10 knives and professional services can charge up to $10.00 per knife). Chef'sChoice sharpeners are the only electric knife sharpeners recommended by cutlery experts and leading professional chefs for sharpening quality cutlery. They are the best sharpeners on the market.

Less expensive sharpeners do not work, can harm knives or leave knives dull. The Model 110 incorporates 100% diamond abrasives in all three sharpening stages to create the unique Trizor® edge. There is no sharpener that will do as fine a job as a Chef'sChoice.

2. Is it safe for sharpening expensive cutlery with the Chef'sChoice Model 110?
Yes. The Chef'sChoice Model 110 will safely sharpen expensive or inexpensive cutlery. It will sharpen knives manufactured from the hardest alloys.

3. Will the Chef'sChoice Model 110 cause excessive wear to my knives?
No. Ninety-eight percent of your sharpening takes place in Stages 2 and 3. The diamonds in these stages are very fine and only remove micro-amounts of metal. In fact, when compared to other sharpening methods, the Chef'sChoice Model 110 removes much less metal. There is no other way to sharpen and remove less metal.

4. Do I need to use a steel or professional sharpening service to help keep my knives sharp?
No. In fact, a steel, which has no angular control, will deteriorate the super fine Chef'sChoice edge, and the use of a professional sharpening service is unnecessary once you own a Chef'sChoice sharpener.

5. Do the diamond abrasives wear out, and how would I replace them?
The diamond abrasives will last for many, many years without need for repair or replacement. If the abrasives need replacement, send the sharpener back to EdgeCraft and, for a nominal fee, EdgeCraft will replace the abrasives, clean and lubricate the sharpener, and ship the sharpener back. The abrasives, however, should last a long time with normal household use.

6. Does the Chef'sChoice Model 110 sharpen serrated knives?
The Chef'sChoice Model 110 will realign and polish the tips of serrated knives in Stages 2 and 3. The Models 120, 130 and 320, however, are the best of our sharpeners to use for serrated knives. (Please read your instruction manual before sharpening serrated knives with the Model 110). TIP: A straight edged knife sharpened on the Chef'sChoice Model 110 will do a much cleaner job of cutting a tomato or a loaf of bread than a serrated knife.

7. Does the Chef'sChoice Model 110 sharpen scissors?
The Chef'sChoice Model 110 will not sharpen scissors, however, we do manufacture an electric scissors sharpener, the ScissorPro® Model 500 that uses 100% diamond abrasives and similar technology to produce astonishingly sharp edges.

8. Does the Model 110 sharpen pocketknives or hunting knives?
The Model 110 will sharpen pocketknives and hunting knives that can comfortably fit in the sharpening slots.

9. How often should I use the Chef'sChoice Model 110?
If your knives are dull, resharpen them according to the instructions in your instruction manual. You may use only stage 3 for resharpening whenever the knives lose that razor-sharp, ultra-fine cutting edge. It normally takes 30 seconds to resharpen a knife.

10. Is the Chef'sChoice Model 110 easy to use?
Yes, the built-in magnetic guides hold the knife at a predetermined sharpening angle and control the amount of sharpening pressure.

11. Who manufactures Chef'sChoice Model 110?
The Model 110 is engineered and assembled at the EdgeCraft Corporation, located in Avondale, Pennsylvania in the U.S.A. The company was founded in 1984 and currently manufactures many fine small kitchen appliances under the Chef'sChoice® brand.

12. How can I purchase the Chef'sChoice Model 110?
The Model 110 is available from leading department, cookware, specialty and cutlery stores as well as mail order and online catalogs. For specific retailers, please call customer service at 800-342-3255.If you prefer to order Chef'sChoice products online please see our list of online retailers.

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