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What Does It Take To Make The World's Best Kitchen Knife? A single-minded dedication to perfection and performance…qualities epitomized by the Chef'sChoice® name. Our Trizor® cutlery is in a class by itself. Its secret is the unique Trizor® steel, which has higher tensile strength and hardness than conventional cutlery. Measured at Rockwell 60 on the hardness scale (compared to 55 for other leading brands),it is the key to our cutlery's sharper edges and superior edge retention. Trizor® knives stay sharper up to 10 times longer than other U.S. or German cutlery.

Chef'sChoice® Trizor® Professional 10X® cutlery is fully forged and hand-crafted in the U.S.A. The chef's knife bolster is uniquely tapered, allowing sharpening of the full blade so that it maintains its optimum shape for the life of the knife. The textured polymer handle on every Trizor® knife is seamlessly formed onto the full-length tang, eliminating bacterial contamination and ensuring a superb feel and non-slip grip, wet or dry.

The Trizor® collection includes a wide variety of specialty knives and knife sets, all handcrafted for a lifetime of enjoyment. Experience the world's best cutlery. Start your collection today!

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  2001200: Chef's Knife, 10" (25 cm) blade length  
  2000100: Chef's Knife, 8" (20 cm) blade length
"Exceptional balance", Cooking Pleasures Magazine,
"Most Comfortable Grip", Good Housekeeping Institute
  2000600: Chef's Knife, 6" (15 cm) blade length  
  2000200: Slicer, 10" (25 cm) blade length  
  2001000: Carver/Slicer, 8" (20cm) blade length  
  2000900: Roast Beef/Ham Slicer, Dimpled, 9" (23 cm) blade length
This may be the least familiar of carving knives. The dimples on the sides of the blade capture air, which reduces friction during slicing, allowing thinner and smoother slices. Perfect for holiday ham, roast beef and turkey!


  2000300: Boning Knife, 5.5" (14 cm) blade length
Recommended by The New Cooks' Catalogue
  2000800: Paring Knife, 4.5" (12 cm) blade length  
  2001100: Steak Knife, 4.5" (12 cm) blade length  
  2000400: Paring Knife, 3.5" (9 cm) blade length  
  2000500: Utility/Sandwich Knife, 6" (15 cm) blade length  
  2000700: Bread Knife, Serrated, 9" (23 cm) blade length  
  2006200: Carving Fork, Forged, 6" (15 cm)  
  2000001: Knife Block, Hardwood, 9-slot  

Professional Kitchen-Poultry Shears, Forged, 9" (23 cm)
Powerful and extremely sharp, these beautiful, rugged multipurpose shears are designed for effortless cutting. Fully forged from surgical stainless steel, the handcrafted contemporary design features full metal construction. Each curved blade is a sleek, one-piece extension of a brushed steel handle. The lower blade features grip-enhancing serrations and a powerful, bone-cracking notch. The cutting blade is finished with an extremely sharp, precision cutting edge. Heavy-duty, slip-resistant construction makes an easy, quick job of boning and cutting poultry, cutting vegetables, meat and fish. Handy safety latch keeps shears closed for safe storage. Comes apart for easy cleaning. Part Number: 2006001. Limited lifetime warranty.

Kitchen Shears, Forged, 8" (20 cm)
This versatile kitchen scissors is sleek and balanced with razor-sharp edges for optimum performance on a range of kitchen tasks. Made from forged carbon steel for durability and chrome plated for protection against rust and spotting, the multi-purpose shear will find a permanent place in any household. Ideal for small jobs such as cutting herbs and kitchen papers, it also performs heavy-duty tasks such shearing meats and cutting through cartilage with ease. This user-friendly scissors features a comfortable grip and a perfect balance that will please the most discerning home chef. Comes apart for easy cleaning. Part Number: 2006100. Limited lifetime warranty.

Set No. 2030003: Everyday Set: Chef's Knife 8", Utility Knife 6" and Paring Knife 3.5"


Set No. 2026200: Deluxe Carving Set: Roast Beef/Ham Slicer, Dimpled 9" and Forged Carving Fork 6"
Set No. 2026201: Gourmet Carving Set: Carver/Slicer 8" and Forged Carving Fork 6"
Set No. 2026202: Professional Carving Set: Carver/Slicer 10" and Forged Carving Fork 6"
6 Knife Set: Set of 6 steak knives
Set 2040001, Knife Block Set: Nine-slot hardwood block; Chef's 8", Slicer 10", Boning 5.5", and Paring 3.5
2 knife set photo  
Set 2020000, Two Knife Set: Boning 5.5" and Paring 3.5"
4 knife set photo  
Set 2040001, Four Knife Set: Four Steak 4.5"
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