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EdgeCraft E4635 AngleSelect Manual Knife Sharpener

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See “Edge Type” for sharpener capabilities and “Knife Guide” for recommended knives.

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Triple Bevel

15 Degree Edge

20 Degree Edge

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  • This AngleSelect sharpener brings a sharp edge to most 15 and 20-degree knives, making for an easier and smoother cutting job. 
  • Our proprietary diamond abrasives utilize the world’s hardest natural substance to sharpen faster and easier.
  • The sharpener creates two distinct facets, set at different angles, to form a longer lasting, arch-shaped edge.
  • Precision angle control ensures accurate sharpening throughout your knife’s entire edge.
  • Wide sharpening slots accommodate a wide range of outdoor knives including hunting knives, pocketknives, survival knives, filet knives and more. 
  • The sharpener’s ergonomic handle is designed for easy and comfortable use whether you’re right- or left-handed. 
  • This sharpener works beautifully on most straight-edge and serrated knives, serving a variety of needs from cutting rope to filleting a fish. 


Design Overview:
Finish: Gray
Number of Sharpening Stages: 3
Abrasive: 100% diamond abrasives
Sharpens both fine edge and serrated knives: Yes
Resulting Edge Angle: 15 and 20 degree
Sharpening Technology: Interdigitating Diamond Pad technology
Handle Style: "Soft Touch" handle for an easy and secure grip, slip-resistent rubber feet hold fast to the work surface
Product Weight & Dimensions:
Weight: 0.49lb
Length: 9.13 inches
Width: 2.13 inches
Height: 2.75 inches
Warranty: 1 year
Includes: Instruction manual
Origin: Made in the USA with US and Globally Sourced Material


your 15 and 20-degree class knives ready to go. This sharpener uses 100% diamonds, the hardest natural substance known to man, and features our patented abrasives to give you a quicker and easier sharpen. You’ll experience improved cutting performance thanks to the two distinct facets, which are set at different angles to provide a long-lasting arch-shaped edge.

The first stage sharpens 15-degree straight edge knives, while the second stage sharpens 20-degree straight edge knives. The final stage uses fine abrasives to produce a beautiful polished finish on both 15 and 20-degree straight-edge and serrated knives. Precision angle control ensures accurate sharpening throughout the entire length of the blade so you can get the most out of your tool. This sharpener also features wide sharpening slots to accommodate a variety of knives.

WHY YOU NEED A KNIFE SHARPENER – Over time and with repeated use, your knife’s edge can dull significantly, making even the simplest tasks needlessly difficult. By sharpening your knife regularly and maintaining it properly, you’ll find improved overall performance and safety in every task from cutting wood to making traps to skinning animals and more.

HOW DO KNIFE SHARPENERS WORK? – Superior sharpening systems use a course abrasive to shape the knife’s edge and a finer abrasive to achieve a polish.

Download Manual

Download the manual

Utilizing the hardest natural substance on earth, our patented diamond abrasives sharpen edges faster and easier.

Applies a traditional 20° edge or a finer 15° edge for precision slicing​.

Ensures accurate sharpening throughout the entire blade length​.

Creates a 15° arch-shaped edge using diamond abrasives.​

Creates a 20° arch-shaped edge using diamond abrasives.​

Ultra-fine abrasives deliver a polished finish to straight-edge and serrated knives​.