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EdgeCraft Model E315 2-Stage Professional Electric Knife Sharpener, Gray

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See “Edge Type” for sharpener capabilities and “Knife Guide” for recommended knives.

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15 Degree Edge

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  • Achieve a sharp edge on most 15-degree knives with this 2-stage electric sharpener
  • Our proprietary diamond abrasives utilize the hardest natural substance on Earth to deliver sharper edges faster and easier
  • Two distinct facets are set at different angles, allowing for a longer-lasting, double-bevel edge
  • Patented stropping disks deliver an incredible polished knife edge during the finishing stage
  • Precision angle guides ensure accurate sharpening throughout the length of the knife, eliminating guesswork and reducing the time you spend sharpening
  • Revolutionary XV technology allows 20-degree class knives to achieve a finer 15-degree edge
  • This 2-stage professional electric sharpener is suitable for most serrated and straight-edge knives, allowing you to cut rope, filet fish, make traps, and more


Design Overview:
Finish: Gray
Number of Sharpening Stages: 2
Abrasive: 100% diamond abrasives and flexible stropping
Sharpens both fine edge and serrated knives: Yes
Resulting Edge Angle: 15 degree
Pre-Sharpening Stage: No
Sharpening Stage: Yes
Honing/Polishing Stage: Yes
Steeling Stage: No
Single-sided Knife Sharpening: Yes
Time Required to Sharpen: Approximately 1 minute for first time sharpening. Resharpening is approximately 10 seconds.
Product Weight & Dimensions:
Weight: 3.87lb
Length: 8-3/8 inches
Width: 8.38 inches
Height: 4.25 inches
Warranty: 1 year
Includes: Instruction manual
Origin: Made in the USA with US and Globally Sourced Material
UL or ETL and Canadian Approved: ETL/approved for Canada


To quickly and effectively sharpen your 15-degree class knives, turn to our E315 professional 2-stage electric knife sharpener. This sharpener utilizes our patented 100% diamond abrasives, the hardest natural substance on Earth, to achieve sharper edges faster and easier than ever before. Experience improved cutting performance with two distinct facets set at different angles, forming a longer lasting edge.

The first stage sharpens straight-edge knives with a medium abrasive. The second stage uses our patented stropping disks to achieve an unmatched polished finish. Precision angle guides ensure superior sharpening from bolster to tip and eliminate any guesswork. In addition to working on your existing 15-degree knives, this sharpener can also convert your traditional 20-degree knife edges into more precise 15-degree edges. This sharpener is effective on both straight-edge and serrated knives.

WHY YOU NEED A KNIFE SHARPENER – Over time and with repeated use, your knife’s edge can dull significantly, making even the simplest tasks needlessly difficult. By sharpening your knife regularly and maintaining it properly, you’ll find improved overall performance and safety in every task from cutting wood to making traps to skinning animals and more.

HOW DO KNIFE SHARPENERS WORK? – Superior sharpening systems use a coarse abrasive to sharpen the knife’s edge and a finer abrasive to achieve a polished finish.

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